Football Off-Season Training – Tackle & Flag

8:00am – 9:15am, every Saturday – January 20th- March 24th

  • Non-contact football instruction for kids ages 8-14.
  • Professional, qualified local coaching staff led by Coach John Power, Morristown High School Head Coach
  • Station-based training with small groups
  • Session will consist of core strength training (no weights) speed and agility training followed by games and fun at the end of each session.  The goal is to strengthen the core, work on hand/eye coordination, increase speed and agility all while having fun in a friendly, healthy, energetic environment.
  • You will need to wear or bring shorts/sweats, shirt, shoes and a water bottle.  We are looking forward to getting started and kicking off the 2018 Wildcat season!
  • Register by going to the HERE.  Once registered your spot will be reserved.

Football Skills Camp – Tackle & Flag

Summer 2018

  • Non-contact football instruction for kids ages 8-14.
  • Led by professional, qualified local and national coaches
  • Local high school, professional supplement instruction
  • Station-based training with small groups
  • Kids divided by age and experience for “apples to apples” instruction
  • Small Space Games for more individualized attention
  • Life Skill Lessons integrated into camp daily
  • Big Football Friday includes Super Bowl Friday, Awards and Recognition.
  • We provide extra water for refills
  • Learn more at “What to Bring and Know”
  • REGISTER NOW for camp


1. Health and Behavior
2. Character & Integrity On and Off the Field
3. Skill Development
4. Small Group Instruction
5. Flag Football Games
6. Making Instruction Fun

“Learn to run, throw, catch, defend, form block, form tackle and explode out of a stance with proper technique and improved speed.”

Instruction Philosophy All camps use a “station-based training” format to provide instruction. Groups rotate around the field—like a classroom–visiting each instruction station. At each station, the professional coach adapts the instruction to fit the group needs. Campers learn to run, throw, catch, defend, form block, form tackle and explode out of their stance with proper technique and improved speed. We run active camps so kids get multiple chances and reps, with little standing around.

Games, Energy and Excitement Drills are mixed with fun competitions, rewards, contests and personal challenges. Every camp day features game competition—either 5 vs. 5, 7 vs. 7 with a flag tournament platform. The entire camp is driven by team challenges and team building opportunities, culminating in Championship Friday and the final Awards and Recognition Ceremony. On a daily basis, campers are rewarded for demonstrating qualities that improve the overall camp environment. Those qualities include leadership, sportsmanship, hustle, effort, humility and positively influencing others.

On a daily basis, players will develop the right posture, footwork and approach to playing the game effectively. We build muscle memory, skill and understanding, so campers compete with confidence and make big plays.